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Teradata® Tools and Utilities for Microsoft Windows Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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September 2019
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When you install Teradata Tools and Utilities, you can choose to have a log file named InstallShield.log created. You can use the log file to troubleshoot problems with the installation if necessary.

Setting Up a Log File for Interactive Installation

Do the following to create a log when installing interactively.
  1. cd to the Windows\TTU folder.
  2. Run the following command:

    >setup.exe /debuglog

    A file is created in the same folder as setup.exe named InstallShield.log.

Use the following command to create the install.log file in a different location:

>setup.exe /debuglog"C:\PathToLog\setupexe.log"

Log Files for Silent Installation

When you install silently using silent_install.bat, the following two log files are created in %temp%.
  • TTUSuiteSilent_Install.log contains logs for TTUSuiteSilent.exe, which is launched by silent_install.bat.
  • TTUSilentUninstall.log contains the steps for the suite setup.exe,which is launched by TTUSuiteSilent.exe.

Log files are always created for the individual products that are installed and are located in %temp%.