16.20 - Uninstalling Teradata Tools and Utilities 14.10 and Later - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Tools and Utilities for Microsoft Windows Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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September 2019
English (United States)
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This is optional if installing 16.20. The 16.20 installation will prompt to remove a 14.10 through 15.10.09 release before installing the 16.20 release.

You can use a single DOS command to silently uninstall Teradata Tools and Utilities 14.10 and later products.

  1. Close all active Windows programs and temporarily disable any virus protection software running on the client computer.
  2. Open a command prompt.
  3. Change directory to the folder that contains the silent_uninstall.bat file. The silent_uninstall.bat file is specific to a Suite and can only be used with that suite. Each suite has its own silent_uninstall.bat file.
  4. Enter the appropriate command to uninstall the products.
    To uninstall all products:
    • silent_uninstall.bat ALL
    To uninstall fewer than all products:
    • silent_uninstall.bat "PRODUCT"

    For a list of PRODUCT parameter values and other details about the command syntax to run the batch file, see Product Parameter Values for Silent Installs.