Preparing to Install Teradata Tools and Utilities - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities for SUSE Linux Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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July 2017
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

To delete existing Teradata Wallet data, you must set the TDWALLET_INTERACTIVE_INSTALL environment variable to 1 before beginning installation; otherwise the prompt will not display.

  1. Log on as root (or change to root and enter the root password).
  2. If a mount point directory does not exist, create one:

    mkdir /mnt

    where mnt is the name of the media mount point.

  3. If the installation source files are not on the system disk, insert the appropriate media into the media drive.
    For a list of products and the package/media where each resides, see Software Packages/DVD Contents.
  4. Mount the media device:

    mount /dev/media device name/mnt

    mount /dev/dsk/media device name/mnt

    mount -V cdrfs -o ro /dev/media device name/mnt

    For example, if the media device name is c0t1d0, type:

    mount /dev/c0t1d0/mnt

    mount /dev/dsk/c0t1d0/mnt

    mount -V cdrfs -o ro /dev/c0t1d0/mnt

  5. Change directory to the media mount point:

    cd /mnt

  6. Change directory to the DVD-ROM mount point:

    cd /dvdrom/dvd0

    If dvd0 does not exist under the DVD-ROM mount point, in the dvdrom directory, change directory to the appropriate directory.
    The following table lists the mount points for the DVDs that comprise the Teradata Tools and Utilities installation.
    Media Mount Point
    Teradata Tools and Utilities dvd1_ttu
    Database Management dvd2_database_mgnt
    Tape Storage Management Enablers dvd3_tape_stor_mgnt_ena
  7. Choose an installation type:
    Installation Type Description
    Interactively Installing Teradata Tools and Utilities Use menu selections to interactively install Teradata Tools and Utilities.
    If you plan to delete Teradata Wallet data and you already set the environment variable to 1, use this installation process to receive the prompt.
    Silently Installing Teradata Tools and Utilities Use command line options to have a silent installation process. If you choose this method, the installer will uninstall previous releases and install the new ones without any interaction from you.