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January 2018
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Each Unity process maintains two log files: an Error and a Debug log file.

Log File Type Description
Error Contains all error, warning and info level log messages for the process. The Active Sequencer Error log file contains error and warning level messages from all processes.
Debug Contains the same information as the Error log file plus trace level log messages.

Unity also provides the following diagnostic files.

Diagnostic File Type Description
Response mismatch diagnostics Each time there is a response mismatch between Teradata Database systems, Unity generates a diagnostic file with details. This includes the SQL that caused the mismatch and the different responses returned.
Performance diagnostics If performance tracing is enabled, Unity generates a diagnostic file with performance metrics. The Unity Dictionary Scanner generates its own log file as part of the schema scanning process.
Unity detected failures Some TVI alerts are sent from the Unity server directly to Global Support services.

Although optional, combining Teradata Ecosystem Manager with Unity provides additional information for issue resolution. Teradata Ecosystem Manager can display Teradata Database system states retrieved from Unity.