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January 2018
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Analytical Ecosystem
The Routing Rules tab shows the following information about routing rules.
Field Description
Rule Name of the routing rule. DefaultRouting cannot be removed or renamed.
Rule Type Type of routing rule: Managed or Passive. Managed routing rules define how read and write requests are distributed across Teradata systems. Passive rules define which system a passive session is opened on. All read and write requests go to that system.
Read Routing Method for read routing: Default or Preferred. Default routes to any system that matches the DefaultRouting rule. Preferred routes to a specified system or systems in order.
Create Routing Method for how new objects are created: Preferred, Balanced, or All. Preferred specifies the system or systems in order. Balanced specifies the systems that are used to load balance. All specifies the default method.
Balancing Method Method for balancing sessions: First Available, Least Used, Round Robin, and Weighted Round Robin. First available is the first system that can open a session. Least used specifies the system with the most available space. Round robin is a looping list of systems in which to open one session each. Weighted round robin is a looping list of systems and associated number of sessions in which to open.
Systems Specified system for routing rule.
Error Profile Error profile associated with routing rule.
User Mappings User mappings associated with routing rule.