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January 2018
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The Bulk Load client uses Communications Processor (COP) discovery to open multiple data sessions to Unity across multiple endpoint processes. The client opens one set of sessions at a time to Unity. Unity returns an error if it is unable to open any additional sessions with the client.

The following tables lists the factors that open sessions. Unity uses the lowest number of sessions required between factors.

Connection Factors
Client to Unity Number of sessions requested by the client.
Maximum number of sessions opened to each Teradata Database system managed by Unity.
Unity to Teradata system Number of AMPs in the Teradata system. Unity forces 16 sessions if the Teradata Database system has at least 16 AMPs. The LoadNumSessions sequencer configuration parameter defines 16 load sessions by default to use from Unity to the Teradata Database. Set LoadNumSessions to 0 disable it.
Session limit assigned by Teradata Active Service Management (TASM).
Number of sessions requested by the client.
You can modify the UnityLoadSessions query band setting to override an individual load job. Set UnityLoadSessions to 0 to disable it.
If TASM is installed on Teradata systems, set the LoadMaxJobs parameter to 0 to avoid contention between TASM and Unity.