16.10 - SEQUENCER Configuration Parameters - Teradata Unity

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January 2018
English (United States)
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The following parameters are available at the Sequencer level.
Parameter Default Valid Values Scope Description
AutoRestoreUnsyncedRepository Yes Yes, No   If AutoRestoreUnsynced Repository is set to "yes" and the repository sync is not paused, the standby repository will be automatically resynced if one of the requirements:
  • The standby repository is unsynced
  • The state of the standby repository is invalid and cannot be recognized by Unity
  • The state of the standby repository cannot be read due to corruption of the columns, tables, or database
disableEMevents 0 0,1 global Use to disable Ecosystem Manager alerts and events. Set to 1 to stop sending TMSM/EM events and alerts to Ecosystem Manager.
ExportMaxJobs 5 0 to infinity, inclusive   Sets the maximum number of export jobs allowed on a Unity system.
LoadRequestTimeout 90 seconds

Value type: Integer

Allowed value range: greater than or equal to 5

Only for sequencer Sets the timeout length for a load request from the Sequencer. Use to prevent timeouts for the load request from the active sequencer, for example, when the two Unity regions have significant network delays.