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Teradata Unity User Guide

Teradata Unity
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January 2018
English (United States)
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Scans Teradata systems managed by Unity for new table objects and for changes in table objects that apply to the Data Dictionary you specify.


DICTIONARY SCAN DictionaryName [tdpid1,tdpid2,..,tdpid3] [IN db1,db2.. ,dbN] [DEPLOY[VALIDATED] ];


Sets matching table objects for deployment to the managed Unity Data Dictionary, also called the Deployed Dictionary. Deployment occurs after the scan completes.
Validated dictionary entries before calling deploy.
Name of a Unity Data Dictionary that exists in the Unity repository.
tdpid1, tdpid2, tdpid3
Unique identifier (TDPID) of a Teradata Database system.
IN db1,db2,dbN
Use to specify the Teradata Databases to scan within the Teradata systems managed by Unity. Running DICTIONARY SCAN without a database list scans all Teradata Databases that exist in the specified Data Dictionary (dictionaryname). If you are scanning a new Data Dictionary and exclude this parameter, Unity scans all Teradata Databases that it manages.

Usage Considerations

If any Teradata system or Teradata Database you specify for scanning is inaccessible, the DICTIONARY SCAN operation fails and Unity raises an alert.

This command creates a scan log on the Unity server in /var/opt/teradata/unity/logs managed by the Active Sequencer. The file name is scanner.log. This log includes a full list of table objects added to the managed Unity Data Dictionary and also table objects rejected due to failure to comply with one or more object-matching criteria. For each rejected table object, the log lists and describes the mismatched elements within the object.


At the unityadmin prompt:

Input Description
DICTIONARY SCAN SalesAnalysis TDA,TDB IN SalesData DEPLOY; This example scans all SalesAnalysis dictionary objects in the SalesData database on systems TDA and TDB and deploys the resulting changes that match across systems to the managed Unity Data Dictionary.
DICTIONARY SCAN SalesAnalysis; This example scans databases which have already been selected for inclusion in the SalesAnalysis dictionary and adds new objects to the SalesAnalysis dictionary. No deploy action occurs after this operation.