16.10 - ENDPOINT STATUS - Teradata Unity

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Teradata Unity
Release Number
January 2018
English (United States)
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Displays the status of global listeners enabled for a single Endpoint or all Endpoints in a specified Region.



Usage Considerations

The output of the ENDPOINT STATUS command includes the following fields.
Field Description
Endpoint Name of the Endpoint process.
Connected State of Endpoint connection. Values are: Yes or No.
Global listen status Global status of all listeners on the Endpoint. Review individual status of listeners on this Endpoint. Values are:
  • Listening allowed — Listeners allowed to start as needed.
  • Listening disallowed — No listeners are allowed to start. Result is no new connections allowed on the Endpoint.
  • Listeners shutting down -- Default and Standby IP (SIP) listeners are shutting down due to either an ENDPOINT DISABLE NEW CONNECTIONS or REGION DISABLE LOGONS command request.
  • Listeners starting up — Listeners are starting due to either an ENDPOINT ENABLE NEW CONNECTIONS or REGION ENABLE LOGONS command request.
Listeners Information about each listener on the Endpoint. It includes host name (or any), port number, SIP address (if any), region name, and current and requested listening states of the listener.
Host:Port Host name (or any value) and port number configured for the Endpoint.
Is SIP Indicates if listener is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) address. Values are: Yes or No.
Associated region Name of Region associated with the Endpoint.
State (Current) State of the listeners on the Endpoint. Values are: Listening or Not listening.
State (Wanted) Requested state for listeners on the Endpoint. Values are: Listening or Not listening.


This example command shows the status of the Endpoint process r46ny_ept.

unityadmin>  ENDPOINT ALLOW NEW CONNECTIONS r46ny_ept; 
Request successfully sent to endpoint
Use the 'endpoint status' command to check the endpoint's status
unityadmin> ENDPOINT STATUS;
Endpoint  : r46ny_ept
Connected : yes
Global listen status  : Listening allowed
    Host:Port         : any:1025
    Is SIP            : no
    Associated region : r64ny (1)
    State (Current)   : Listening
    State (Wanted)    : Listening