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Teradata® Unity™ Compatibility Matrix

Continuous Availability
Teradata Unity
Release Date
January 2022
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Publication ID
English (United States)
Database Version Teradata Unity Series
17.00.07 17.00 16.51 16.50 16.20.33
Vantage 2.2

(Includes Advanced SQL Engine

Yes No No No No
Vantage 2.2

(Includes Advanced SQL Engine

Yes Yes No No No
Vantage 2.0

(Includes Advanced SQL Engine 17.00)

Yes Yes No No No
Vantage 1.0

(Includes Advanced SQL Engine 16.20)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teradata Database 15.10 No No Yes Yes Yes
The Database and Vantage versions listed in the above table are validated and considered as supported by Unity. Any versions that are not listed in the table are unsupported.