Configuring Proxy Authentication - Teradata Unity

Teradata® Unity™ Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Unity
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October 2018
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Configure all authentication methods you plan to use and test them for logons directly from client to the Teradata Database system before configuring the Unity proxy connection.

For detailed instructions on configuring the proxy connection in various scenarios, see the next section. For information regarding Kerberos authentication and implementing Unity security in Teradata® Database Security Administration.

Complete the following procedures on the Unity server and on all managed Teradata Database systems to configure the proxy connection.

  1. Configure the Unity servers for Kerberos and/or LDAP authentication, if used.
  2. Configure the proxy connection on the Unity server and on all managed Teradata Database systems, if required.
  3. Configure Network Security, if required.
    Network Security is only available on Teradata Database 14.10 or later. See Security Administration for configuring the Network Security.
  4. Check the TdgssUnityConfigFile.xml on each Teradata Database system and Unity systems and edit the configuration where necessary to meet requirements for operation in a Unity environment.
    Any changes to TdgssUnityConfigFile.xml on Unity systems require a Unity restart. Any changes to TdgssUnityConfigFile.xml on Teradata systems require a Teradata Database restart.