Teradata Configuration Parameters - Teradata Unity

Teradata® Unity™ Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Unity
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October 2018
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Analytical Ecosystem
To support Unity managed routing, certain Teradata configuration parameters must be set to be the same across all systems to be managed by Unity. The configuration parameter list that must be the same across systems includes:
  • The same character sets must be installed and available on all systems.
  • The default character set must be the same on all Teradata Database and Unity systems.
  • The same User Defined Types must be installed on all systems.
  • All Teradata Database systems and connected Unity server(s) must have the same authentication mechanisms, which must be similarly configured to operate in a Unity environment. See Security Administration.
  • All users that will connect through Unity must be valid, each user must have the same Teradata password and have the same default database across all systems.
  • To support Unity managed routing, the following database control settings must be the same across all Teradata Database systems and Unity repositories:
    • HashFuncDBC - This value must also be the same as the Unity HashFuncDBC parameter value.
    • Disable Non-Deterministic UDF or UDM as PI Value
    • System Time Zone Minute
    • DisableSI
    • AcceptReplacementCharacters
    • AccessLockForUncomRead
    • Auto Reparse
    • DisableAnyNOPT
    • Batch SizeIdCol
    • Disable Non-Deterministic UDF or UDM as PI Value
    • CasePromotesToFloat
    • CenturyBreak
    • CorrectTimeStampHash
    • Date/Timestamp conversion
    • DateForm
    • DBSDiagFlags
    • DefaultCaseSpec
    • DisableAnyNOPT
    • DisableMsgWaitBlock
    • DisableSI
    • DisableTDWMSessionRules
    • DisableUDTImplCastForSysFuncOp
    • DisworkerFaultMode
    • EnableAPHResp
    • EnableAPHResp
    • EnabNonTempoOp
    • ExpInsertOff
    • Export Width Table ID
    • ExternalAuthentication
    • FixSRandomRange - Teradata Systems below 14.10.02 do not have a FixSRandomRange setting.
      If Unity is managing at least one Teradata system with a version less than 14.10.02, FixSRandomRange must be set to FALSE for all managed Teradata systems that have the setting configurable.
    • InclNTforGrntOrRevokAll
    • LimitInlistCVal
    • MaxDecimal
    • MaxJoinTables
    • MaxLoadTasks
    • MLoadDiscardDupRowUPI
    • NoCharTruncErrInUsing
    • OptCNFLimit
    • ORDER BY Resolution
    • PMPC_TimeoutSecs
    • PMPC_TimeoutSecs
    • PrimaryIndexDefault
    • RevertJoinPlanning
    • RollForwardLock
    • RoundHalfwayMagUp
    • ROWIDEnabled
    • RowSize32k
    • SAM Attributes Storage Preferences
    • SessionMode
    • SPUseSessionColl
    • System Time Zone Hour
    • Temporal Purchased
    • TemporalDMLFlags
    • TimeDateWZControl - must be set to 2 or 3. System TimeZone string needs to be set to the local time zone of the managed Teradata Database.
      Unity managed routing does not function correctly if the TimeDateWZControl is not set to 2 or 3.
    • UseRevisedHash