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September 2020
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After a long outage, monitor the progress of the system recovery and respond to alerts or interrupted sessions. The IDs assigned to client sessions are used to sequence requests during recovery. If a request on a session ID fails during recovery with an interrupt, it blocks later sessions in the recovery that re-use the same session ID. To avoid these problems, address the issues that appear in the recovery process immediately.

Use the interrupted session screen to monitor issues that appear during recovery. The interrupted sessions are divided into Root causes and Secondary. It is normal for sessions to become interrupted if they are waiting on other sessions to finish their recovery first. These sessions appear as Secondary and no actions need to be taken to address them.

If a request repeatedly fails to recover, you can skip the request. If there are tables involved, you should use the option to make the tables unrecoverable.

  1. Use one of the methods below to monitor a system recovery.
    Method Steps
    Unity UI Select Systems, then select a system for which you want to view the recovery status.
    unityadmin> status;
    unityadmin> system recovery status;