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Continuous Availability
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September 2020
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In an environment with two Unity servers, each Unity server is located in a different data center to protect against the general failure of the data center. The following are the most common causes of a data center failure.
  • Air conditioner or cooling problems
  • Power outages
  • Network connectivity problems

It is extremely important for the operator to assess the situation and determine if there are data center wide issues or if the failure is isolated to the network connecting the two data centers.

The SEQUENCER STATUS command at the unityadmin prompt reports the current status and location of the active sequencer. This command can be issued while connected to either of the Unity servers.

In the event of a WAN or data center outage between two data centers, before taking any action, an operator in the second data center must confirm the primary data center is down for an extended outage because of a serious disaster.