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September 2020
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Unity tool conntest.sh helps comprehensively test the connectivity to a managed Teradata system. This tool includes the proxycheck tool that was previously used.
  1. Run the following command to test connectivity.
    <unity1>:/opt/teradata/unity/scripts # ./connTest.sh -s <db1>
The following is checked after the test is run.
Basic connectivity
  • Teradata system is reachable (on all nodes).
  • tdwallet is ready to use.
  • tdwallet has the right keys.
  • unitymgmt user can connect with TD2 authentication using the password in tdwallet.
  • Correct tdgss version is installed.
Local proxy configuration
  • disableProxyConnection setting is set.
  • unitymgmt user can connect using proxy authentication.
  • tdgss xml configuration is correct.
  • Local tdgss certs exist and are in the right place.
  • tdgss binary matches the settings in user xml file.
Remote proxy configuration
  • System timezone matches the unity timezone.
  • tdgss xml configuration is correct.
  • Gateway password digest is correct.
  • tdgss version is installed on the remote node.
  • Unity server and remote node have copies of each other's public certs.