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September 2020
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After a set of routing rules is designed to meet the variety of business needs in an environment, map incoming users to those routing rules through user mappings.

You can create a user mapping based on the following parameters.

Parameter Description
Username User name of the incoming user connection

The * wildcard is allowed for pattern matching.

Client specified account string Account string as specified by an incoming client connection
Default account string Default account string as specified on the Teradata systems

The list of available account strings for each user is loaded every 10 minutes (by default) by the active unity sequencer.

LDAP specified profile Profile specified by an external LDAP server
LDAP specified role Role specified by an external LDAP server
Unity region Region to which the client connected

Use to direct passive sessions to a preferred local Teradata system.

Time window Pre-defined time expression that can be used to implement different user mappings at different times of the day, week, month, or year

Use to shift user workloads during the business day to accommodate activities like load processes, critical reports, or daily backups. Also use for managing outage events.