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Continuous Availability
Teradata Unity
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September 2020
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For managed routing sessions, do the following:
  • Enable Proxy authentication with Teradata Database 14.10 or later. This is not required for passive routing if using TD2 authentication.
  • Use NTP to synchronize all time zones. All systems act as one logical system.
  • Do not change DBQL and related configuration settings with Unity in managed sessions. Run those changes directly on each managed Teradata system.
For managed routing sessions, the following options are not supported:
  • XQuery.
  • Teradata (QueryGrid) Foreign Server, including Foreign Server definitions and Foreign Server access within SQL code.
  • SQL-H.
  • Writes that read from system-specific information.
    Writes are supported in passive routing, but are not synchronized.
  • Usernames and database objects containing periods, single quotation marks, spaces, or special characters as managed objects.
In managed sessions, DDL requests using ETL routing may not achieve expected performance. When processing multiple, simultaneous requests, use Passive routing.