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Continuous Availability
Teradata Unity
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September 2020
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Analytical Ecosystem
The Session Details view contains the following overview for each session.
Field Description
State State of session.
Idle Time Timestamp when session started waiting.
Endpoint name Timestamp when session connected.
Routing Name Name of routing rule.
Error List Name Name of Error List.
Root Blocker Cause of session blocking.
Blocking Any sessions that are blocked by this session.
The Session info for each session includes the connection information.
Field Description
User name User associated with session.
Database Database associated with session.
Client IP Address Location of session.
Client Host Name Location of client host.
Connect Time Timestamp when session connected.
Logon Source User logon location.
The Session Details view also contains Teradata Sessions.
Field Description
Session ID Generated Session identification where the query is running.
System Name System name where the query is running.
State Icon Icon showing state of session.
In State Time query has been in current state.
REQ CPU Number of seconds CPU has been used for query.
Workload Workload where the query is running.
CPU Number of CPU seconds query has used in the last minute.
I/O Number of disk input/outputs the query has performed in the last minute.

The Session Details view contains Locks information.

Field Description
Lock Name Lock name.
Status Status of lock.
Lock Type Type of lock.
Row Hash Row hash associated with session lock.
Lock Mode Lock Modes include the following: Exclusive, Access, Write, and Read.
Lock ID Generated Lock identification.