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Teradata® Unity™ User Guide

Continuous Availability
Teradata Unity
Release Number
September 2020
English (United States)
Last Update
Product Category
Analytical Ecosystem
Icon State Description
"" Active A table or system is available and enabled for Read/Write operations. Data synchronization is enabled on Active systems.
"" Standby A database system or table is up-to-date and available for a failover.
"" Interrupted An automatically recoverable transient error has occurred. If a Teradata system is interrupted, Read/Write requests are routed to a Standby Teradata system until the original system recovers from the error. All tables on an interrupted Teradata system are also placed in the Interrupted state. If a table is in an Interrupted state, the table cannot be accessed.
"" Read-only An application has only Read access to a database system or table.
"" Restore A database system or table is being recovered. Unity applies any missed Write operations from the Recovery Log.
"" OOS A system is out of service and unavailable. There is no monitoring of the database system or tables, and no alerts. All Unity sessions connected to the Out of Service (OOS) system are closed.
"" Unrecoverable A database system or table is unavailable, and Unity does not recognize the state of the data. If the Teradata Database system is in an Unrecoverable state, access to its tables is not allowed.
"" Pending Writes The number of writes waiting.