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September 2020
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Error profiles consist of a list of error code numbers that you add to the profile. Each error code includes an action (retry, resubmit, retry then resubmit, or exit session) to occur when the request matches the error profile.
  1. In the Unity Setup portlet, click the Session Routing tab.
  2. Click the Error Profiles tab.
  3. Click "".
  4. Select an error profile.
  5. Next to Error codes, click "".
  6. In Error Code, type the identification number of the error code or range or error codes you want to add to the profile list.
    If adding a range, separate the start and end error code with a dash. The error codes specified in the range are inclusive. For example, if you enter 3807 - 3200, all error codes from 3807 to 3200, inclusively are added.
  7. In Description, type a brief statement that describes the error code and selected action.
  8. In User Comments, type any comment about this error code.
  9. Select an action to occur if an error occurs.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Verify the error code is added to the list.