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September 2020
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The User Mappings tab allows you to define session routing based on user logon properties. Unity relies on the user mapping to determine how to route the session.

Unity looks for the first rule in the user mapping list that maps to the logon properties of the requesting user or client application. This is the rule used to define the routing selected for the session. If no rules match, the Default rule is used. Changes to user mappings are recorded in audit logs. When associated with a routing rule, Unity matches the properties of a user logon session request with the logon requirements of a user mapping, and then determines the routing of the new session.

You can create multiple user mappings to match different user and client logons for an ecosystem.

The User Mappings tab shows the following information for each user mapping.
Field Description
Order Evaluation order of the user mapping.
User, Account, Role, Profile, and Region User information associated with user mapping.
Routing Rule Routing rule selected for user mapping.
Time Windows Defines time triggers for user mapping.
Deploy Status Status of rule.