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Teradata® Vantage Machine Learning Engine Analytic Function Reference

Teradata Vantage
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May 2019
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Programming Reference
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Specify the name of the table of cluster centroids.
Specify the name of the table of the clusters.
[Optional] Specify whether the means for each centroid appear unpacked (that is, in separate columns) in output_table.
Default: 'false' (The function concatenates the means for the centroids and outputs the result in a single VARCHAR column.)
[Optional] Specify the initial seed means as strings of underscore-delimited DOUBLE PRECISION values. For example, this clause initializes eight clusters in eight-dimensional space:
InitialSeeds ('50_50_50_50_50_50_50_50',
The dimensionality of the means must match the dimensionality of the data (that is, each mean must have n numbers in it, where n is the number of input columns minus one).
Default behavior: The algorithm chooses the initial seed means randomly.
With InitialSeeds, the function uses a deterministic algorithm and the function supports up to 1596 dimensions.
[Optional] Specify the number of clusters to create from the data.
With NumClusters, the function uses a nondeterministic algorithm and the function supports up to 1543 dimensions (for more information, see Nondeterministic Results).
[Optional] Specify the random seed the algorithm uses for repeatable results. The algorithm uses the seed to randomly sample the input table rows as initial clusters. The seed must be a nonnegative LONG value.
[Optional] Specify the convergence threshold. When the centroids move by less than this amount, the algorithm has converged.
Default: 0.0395
[Optional] Specify the maximum number of iterations that the algorithm runs before quitting if the convergence threshold has not been met.
Default: 10