1.0 - 8.00 - ConfusionMatrix Output - Teradata Vantage

Teradata® Vantage Machine Learning Engine Analytic Function Reference

Teradata Vantage
Release Number
Release Date
May 2019
Content Type
Programming Reference
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English (United States)

Output Message Schema

Column Data Type Description
message VARCHAR Reports whether function succeeded and output result to output tables.

CountTable Schema

This table is a confusion matrix (also called a contingency table).

Column Data Type Description
observation VARCHAR Unique value of observed_column in input table.
predicted_class VARCHAR [Column appears once for each specified class.] Number of times that items in observed_column were classified as predicted_class.

StatTable Schema

This table has overall statistics.

Column Data Type Description
key VARCHAR Statistic name from this list:
  • Accuracy
  • 95% CI
  • Null Error Rate
  • P-Value [Acc > NIR]
  • Kappa
  • McNemar Test P-Value
value VARCHAR Statistic value.

AccuracyTable Schema

Column Data Type Description
measure VARCHAR Each row contains one of these statistic names:
  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Pos Pred Value
  • Neg Pred Value
  • Prevalence
  • Detection Rate
  • Detection Prevalence
  • Balanced Accuracy
predicted_class VARCHAR Values of statistics for class.

With Classes argument, column appears once for each specified class. Without Classes argument, column appears once for each unique observed_column value.