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Teradata® Vantage Release Notes

Teradata Vantage
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September 2018
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Teradata® Vantage is a modern analytics platform that combines open source and commercial analytic technologies together to operationalize insights, solve complex business problems, and enable descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, that lead to autonomous decision-making.

Teradata Vantage delivers the best analytic functions and engines, preferred tools and languages and support of multiple data types, which are supported by industry-leading database.

As a unified analytic and data framework, Teradata Vantage contains a cross-engine orchestration layer that pipelines the right data and analytic request to the right analytic engine across a high-speed data fabric.

embeds analytic engines close to the data. This eliminates the need to move data, allowing users to run analytics against larger data sets without sampling, and execute models with greater speed and frequency.

For information about Teradata Vantage architecture and component products, see Teradata® Vantage User Guide.