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February 2024
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The Consumption page in Vantage Console provides visibility into your organization's compute and storage utilization. As system admin, you use it to see how your organization consumes compute and storage resources, and CPU and disk utilization.

To review consumption usage, select USAGE on the navigation panel.

Unit consumption shows the monthly consumption breakdown for the environment.It takes 72 hours for collected consumption usage data to be processed and appear in the Vantage Console.

You can refine the interval, such as hourly, daily, and monthly. For example, you can view hourly intervals to ensure that units are available during high-demand periods and inactive during low-demand periods. Monthly intervals help you assess overall usage and manage costs based on use. You can view actual usage compared used during a term to committed usage.

You can do the following:
  • Select an environment name in the Total table to view consumption by the organizations and compute groups in that environment.
  • Select the download icon to download a spreadsheet with the consumption data.
  • Select a chart label to hide or show consumption for that item.
Amounts shown for object storage are monthly averages.

VantageCloud Enterprise uses a consumption-based model using unit as the compute measurement metric. Units are consumed when VantageCloud Enterprise compute resources are active and available to perform workloads. You can control when compute resources are running, allowing for cost flexibility.

The VantageCloud Enterprise consumption per hour is calculated as follows
(Total Logical IO TB Used / (Max LIO TB Rate per Instance * No. of Instance)) * Max Unit rate
The following table shows units by instance size. Values shown in the table are per node per hour.
Instance Size Max LIO Rate (TB/hour) Enterprise Minimum Unit Rate Enterprise Maximum Unit Rate Enterprise+ Minimum Unit Rate Enterprise+ Maximum Unit Rate
S 8 2.5 10 3 12
M 12 5 20 6 24
L 16 7.5 30 9 36
XL 24 10 40 12 48
2XL* 32 15 60 18 72
3XL* 64 20 80 24 96
*Availability varies by Cloud Platform Provider
Values shown are per instance per hour.
Logical I/O utilization calculations and reports exclude the following queries and functions:
  • Consumption collector queries by the Teradata Collection Agent and activities by Teradata system users.
  • Movement of usage data from DBC and DBQL to PDCR (Performance Data Collection and Reporting) service.
  • SQL usage by PDCR Admin in the Performance Data Collection portlet.
  • User-initiated queries that are stopped due to a processing error and return a database error code.