17.20 - Example: Character Cannot Be Represented in a Character Set - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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June 2022
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Suppose that a column declared as CHAR(2) CHARACTER SET UNICODE stores CAPITAL LETTER A WITH MACRON ( ).

The Vantage representation is as follows.

01 00 00 20

Selection from a KanjiEUC session successfully returns encoded in code set 3 (cs3) of EUC. The KanjiEUC representation is as follows.

8F AA A7 20

Assume that an ASCII session does a SELECT on the column containing the . The export width for the session is set to the expected defaults and the conversion options are set to ignore conversion.

Because the character cannot be represented in ASCII, it is converted to the ASCII error character 0x1A. The representation of the results in ASCII is as follows.

1A 20
not valid  

Selection from KanjiSJIS returns an error character.

1A 20 20 20
not valid      

Selection from KanjiEBCDIC also returns an error character.

3F 40 40 40 40 40
not valid