17.20 - Choosing a Name for a Korean Multibyte Character Set - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine International Character Set Support

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June 2022
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If the Teradata-defined Korean character sets described in Korean Character Sets are not appropriate for your site, you can define your own character sets using the following names, IDs, and encodings.

Character Set Name ID Description
SDHANGULEBCDIC933_5II 74 Korean for mainframe clients.

The encoding form is EBCDIC Shift-Out/Shift-In, where the shift-out character 0x0E and shift-in character 0x0F bracket zero or more double-byte characters.

SDHANGULKSC5601_4R4 93 Korean for network-attached clients.

The value of the first byte in a sequence distinguishes single-byte characters from double-byte characters.

The system uses the two characters following the underscore (_) in the character set name as a link to the mapping file you create in the TPA etc or TPA cfg directory. The name of the mapping file must start with “map_” and end with the first two characters following the underscore in the character set name.

For example, if you define a character set for SDHANGULKSC5601_4R4, you must create a mapping file named map_4R that provides the translation tables between the transitional forms and Unicode.