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June 2022
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Note that although this graphic shows data at second byte 0x7F, there is none, as documented in the Shift-JIS encoding table (see Shift-JIS Encoding).

The next figure (Shift-JIS Encoding: Detailed View) shows a more detailed view of the Shift-JIS encoding. The shaded regions show the JIS X 0208 area, the Gaiji area, and the IBM-defined character area. Observe that only the range 0x8000-0xFFFF is shown.

This figure illustrates the following:

  • Shift-JIS range 0x8140-0x9FFC contains rows 1 to 62 from JIS X 0208.
  • Shift-JIS range 0xE040-0xEFFC contains rows 63 to 94 from JIS X 0208.
  • Shift-JIS range 0xF040-0xF9FC contains 1,880 Gaiji characters. This range is equivalent to EUC ss3 range 0xA1A1-0xB4FE.
  • Shift-JIS range 0xFA40-0xFCFC contains IBM-defined characters. IBM characters exist in IBM EBCDIC Kanji, but not in JIS X 0208.