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June 2020
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The DBQLRuleTbl and DBQLRuleCountTbl are archived and restored only if database DBC is migrated. To migrate data from other DBQL tables, the data from these tables must first be copied into a user database/table. For more information about saving DBQL log data, see Teradata Vantageā„¢ - Database Administration, B035-1093.
Definitions of the DBQL log tables often change between major releases, and the data in DBQL log tables from a prior release does not get converted to match the data collected using the definitions in the subsequent release.

All of the DBQL rules that were present on the source system are save/restored, so the same information is collected on the destination system.

Teradata Professional Services can set up standard DBQL rules and logging on the destination system.

The dbql_out.rpt file, output by the pre-processing script, details how many rows exist in each of the DBQL tables. The table below shows an example.
Table Count
DBQLExplainTbl 152478
DBQLObjTbl 3078221
DBQLogTbl 219991
DBQLSqlTbl 220024
DBQLStepTbl 1073967
DBQLSummaryTbl 0