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June 2020
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If you are transferring custom security configurations from the source system, you must replace the TdgssUserConfigFile.xml file on the destination system with the edited file that you saved from the source system, and then update the configuration GDO to activate the custom configuration on the destination system. If the default security configuration is instead being used, these steps can be omitted from the migration preparation process because the destination system automatically includes the new default security configuration.
  1. Delete the existing default TdgssUserConfigFile.xml file on the destination file.

    This file is located in the following directory on the Control Node:

  2. Transfer the saved file from the source system into the same directory on the destination system.
  3. Use the tdgssconfig utility to update the tdgssconfig.gdo file as follows:
    The tdgssconfig utility generates a new tdgssconfig.gdo file that contains the properties of the TdgssConfigFile.xml file.
  4. Restart Advanced SQL Engine to activate the GDO by typing:
    tpareset -f "new tdgssconfig.gdo"
    The security configuration that was on the source system is now on the destination system.