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June 2020
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If the destination system has a Time Zone String, remove the string before restoring the DBC database. The Time Zone String is defined in a text file, tdlocaledef.txt, that defines locale-specific information for the database system, such as the currency and numeric units, names of days of the week and months, and default formats for different data types. The tdlocaledef.txt file is compiled by the Teradata Locale Definition utility in order to take effect on the database system. For more information about the Teradata Locale Definition utility, see Teradata Vantageā„¢ - Database Utilities , B035-1102 .
  1. On the destination system, locate the directory for the tdlocaledef.txt file, and change to that directory. For example:
    # locate tdlocaledef.txt
    # cd /opt/teradata/tdat/tdbms/XX.XX.XX.XX/etc/
  2. Save a copy of the current tdlocaledef.txt file. For example:
    # cp  tdlocaledef.txt  tdlocaledef.txt.orig
  3. Use a text editor to edit tdlocaledef.txt, and remove the value for TimeZoneString, leaving only the quotation marks.
    For example, change a value that looks like this:
    TimeZoneString {"America Pacific"; "-8"; "0"; "2"; "4"; "4"; "1"; "0"; "0"; "02:00:00"; "3"; "10"; "0"; "0"; "-1"; "02:00:00"; "1987"; "2006"; "-8"; "0"; "-7"; "0"; "4"; "3"; "8"; "0"; "0"; "02:00:00"; "4"; "11"; "1"; "0"; "0"; "02:00:00";"2007"; "9999"; "-8"; "0"; "-7"; "0"}
    to this:
    TimeZoneString {""}
    Save the modified tdlocaledef.txt file.
  4. Run the tdlocaledef utility to compile the tdlocaledef.txt file.
    # /usr/tdbms/bin/tdlocaledef -input  tdlocaledef.txt  -output new
  5. Run tpareset to restart the database and put the new tdlocaledef settings into effect, removing the old Time Zone String:
    # tpareset -f Removed Time Zone String
  6. Run the DBS Control utility and display the General fields to confirm that the Time Zone String has been removed.
    # dbscontrol
    Enter a command, HELP, or QUIT:
    di gen
    Confirm that the value for field 18 shows as Not Set.