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Stored procedures are automatically recompiled after a restore. If any of the original stored procedures did not have the procedure source code (the source program language text) stored in the database with the stored procedure, the stored procedure cannot be recompiled. In these cases you must rewrite and recompile the stored procedure. For more information, see Fixing SQL Stored Procedures.

If stored procedures exist on the system, the automatic recompile process generates several output log files for inspection.

  • In /var/opt/teradata/PUTTools/spconv_xx.xx.xx.xx , inspect each of the following output log files, and take the identified corrective action(s), if necessary.
    Recompile Output File Purpose Corrective Action
    spnorecomp.txt Lists all the stored procedures that failed to recompile for any reason. Review the spconvlog.out file to identify the cause of failure.
    spconvlog.out Lists the specific cause of error for each stored procedure.
    1. Correct any errors in the SPL that may be preventing the recompile.
    2. Manually recompile the stored procedure.
    sp_nospllist.txt Lists all the stored procedures that could not recompile because no SPL was stored with the procedure. Re-create the stored procedure and store the SPL text with the stored procedure.