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July 2021
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After you complete the editing of the TDGSS configuration file to include the <LdapConfig> section, you should test the configuration before committing the configuration on the Teradata Vantage system or Unity server.

  1. Verify the configuration is correct:
    1. Run tdgsstestcfg to test the configuration. It launches a test environment in a new shell that contains the updates to the configuration file.
    2. Use the tdgssauth utility to test the new <LdapConfig> to verify that users from each service can be authenticated.
      • Specify a directory user and the necessary options using tdgssauth -u dir_user.

        See Working with tdgssauth.

      • Check the output.
      • If the authentication fails, exit the test shell and make the necessary configuration changes and rerun tdgsstestcfg and tdgssauth until the authentication succeeds.
    3. Exit the test shell:
  2. On the Vantage system (or Unity server), run the run_tdgssconfig utility to update the TDGSSCONFIG GDO with the new version of the <LdapConfig>.
  3. If run_tdgssconfig indicates that a TPA reset is required, run tpareset.
    tpareset -f "use updated TDGSSCONFIG GDO"