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July 2021
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English (United States)

tdgssgetinfo is a diagnostic tool that collects and displays information useful in determining the health of the TeraGSS or TDGSS installed on the system. It displays:

  • Details about the system from which the tool is run.
  • Information returned in the fourth parameter from a call to tdgss_configure().
  • The currently active version, as well as all of the installed versions on the system.
  • The available security mechanisms and the locations of the configuration files.

In addition, the default mode (no options specified upon execution) allows you to select what configuration file you would like to see the contents of and also includes an organized output of the corresponding Quality of Protection (QoP) information.

If no options are specified, the default mode (no options specified) displays the collected information listed above. Additionally, it interactively prompts you to select a configuration file that you want to see a dump of. The output, minus the interactive prompts themselves, is also simultaneously redirected into a text file named tdgssgetinfo.outputlog.txt , located in the same directory in which the tool is run.