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Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine Security Administration

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July 2021
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Table and Related Views Description
  • DBC.SecConstraints
  • DBC.SecConstraintsV and VX
Contains information about all security constraint objects defined for the system.
  • DBC.ConstraintFunctions
  • DBC.ConstraintFunctionsV
Identifies the UDFs for each constraint object.
Details for the UDFs are in DBC.UDFInfo.
  • DBC.ConstraintValues
  • DBC.ConstraintValuesV
Defines the set of valid name:value pairs for each constraint object.
  • DBC.AsgdSecConstraints
  • DBCUsrAsgdConstraintsV and VX
  • DBC.ProfileAsgdConstraintsV and VX
Defines the name:value pairs assigned to each user or profile, by constraint object name.
  • DBC.TVFieldsV
  • DBC.ColumnsV
Contains a row for every column in a database table, view, or index.

The ConstraintID column indicates whether a column is a security constraint.

DBC.AccLogRulesV Indicates whether a logging rule is for a security constraint related privilege, and contains a column for each row level security privilege.