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July 2021
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When a CONSTRAINT object defines no UDF for an SQL DML operation, only users with the OVERRIDE or OVERRIDE operation privilege can perform the operation.

Manual entry or update of a constraint column value requires that the user have the OVERRIDE privilege to bypass the automatic use (by the enforcing UDF) of the current_session parameter to set the constraint column value.

Users who perform load/export jobs may need OVERRIDE privileges to ensure that they can access all rows required to complete a load/export operation.

You can grant OVERRIDE privileges to users to bypass enforcement of RLS constraints. OVERRIDE privileges can apply to:
  • A database, table, or column
  • Some or all SQL DML operation types
  • Some or all security constraints
  • One or more users, roles, or external roles
  • The granting user must have the system level CONSTRAINT ASSIGNMENT privilege.
  • OVERRIDE privileges take effect at the next user request after they are granted/revoked.