17.10 - Moving the Kerberos Keys to a Teradata Vantage System or Unity Server - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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After you generate Kerberos keys on the KDC(s), you must securely move copies of the set of KDC keytab files for each Teradata Vantage system from the KDC to a temporary location on each node in the corresponding Vantage system, and move Unity server KDC keytab files to the corresponding Unity servers.

If a Vantage system or Unity sever resides in multiple domains, you must move the keytab files from the KDC in each domain to the Vantage system and the Unity server. Save the copies of the keytab files here: /opt/teradata/tdat/tdgss/site/domain_name.sys_name.keytab.

This is a temporary location to use when you install the keys to the permanent location in Installing the Kerberos Keys. Each keytab file must have a unique file name.