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July 2021
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The following example shows the ktpass commands that set up a Teradata Vantage system that contains two nodes, node tdatsysa1-1 and tdatsysa1-2.

ktpass command for node tdatsysa1-1:

ktpass -princ TERADATA/tdatsysa1-1.corp.teradata.com@CORP.TERADATA.COM
-mapuser tdatsysa1-1 -pass a$2Tya3 -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -out  domain_name.sys_name.keytab

ktpass command for node tdatsysa1-2:

ktpass -princ TERADATA/tdatsysa1-2.corp.teradata.com@CORP.TERADATA.COM
-mapuser tdatsysa1-2 -pass a$2Tya3 -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -out
domain_name.sys_name.keytab –in  domain_name.sys_name.keytab 
If your system resides in multiple domains, you must generate separate keytab files with unique file names for the Active Directory KDC in each domain. Make a list of the files for use in Installing the Kerberos Keys.

For systems with more than two nodes, you may find it more efficient to incorporate the ktpass commands into a script.