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You can specify a Teradata Wallet string in an ODBC SQLConnect, SQLDriver or BROWSEConnect function, when using ODBC Driver for Teradata 14.0 and up. For example:

SQLConnect(hdbc, “mydsn”, SQL_NTS, “myuid”, SQL_NTS, “$tdwallet(abcd)”, SQL_NTS);
SQLDriverConnect(hdbc, NULL, “DSN=mydsn;UID=myid;PWD=$tdwallet(abcd);”, SQL_NTS, szConnStrout, cbConnStrOutMax, &cbConnectStrOutLen, NULL);
On Windows clients, you can also specify a single connect string in the Teradata Wallet String field of the ODBC Driver Setup dialog box, according to the following rules:
  • Enter only the wallet string. The $tdwallet() token is not required.
  • Entering a wallet string precludes the specification of a password in the adjacent Password field.
On Linux/UNIX clients you can enter the entire string and token in either the:
  • odbc.ini, for example: $tdwallet(password_alias)
  • connection string, for example:
    DRIVER={Teradata}; DBCNAME=platinum; AUTHENTICATION=LDAP; AUTHENTICATIONPARAMETER=authcid=$tdwallet(odbc_krb1_ad) password=$tdwallet(odbc_krb1_ad_pwd); "