17.10 - tdspolicy for a Directory Principal not Mapped to a Teradata User - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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English (United States)

For directory principals not mapped to a Teradata user, specify -u as the directory principal user name, along with the IP address and any mapped profile.

$ tdspolicy -u uid=drct01,ou=principals,dc=domain1,dc=com –p profile01
 –s  local_service_DN  –i
Querying policy using the following parameters:

        External user: uid=drct01,ou=principals,dc=domain1,dc=com
    Teradata profile: profile01
          IP address:

          Mechanisms: krb5, ldap
Confidentiality QoPs: low, high

where the directory principal specified by -u:

  • Can use only the KRB5, SPNEGO, or LDAP mechanism to log on.
  • Must use confidentiality with high QOP for LDAP logons. Confidentiality is also enforced for KRB5 and SPNEGO logons, but the QOP strength is determined by Kerberos.