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July 2021
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The Pattern attribute contains a substitution schema. The values refer to the four substrings created from the username by the Match attribute. The term ${1} pertains to the userid, which is located in the first substring of the username. Since a UPN includes domain information, the Pattern attribute does not require complete values for the terms ${2}, ${3}, and ${4}.

An identity map substitutes corresponding substrings from the logon username, for example:

For the username... ${1} ${2} ${3} ${4} Result
ab111222@div.corp.com ab111222 div corp com uid=ab111222,ou=users,dc=div,dc=corp,dc=com
adminuser@sales.corp.com adminuser sales corp com uid=adminuser,ou=users,dc=sales,dc=corp,dc=com
jsmith@div.corp.com jsmith div corp com uid=jsmith,ou=users,dc=div,dc=corp,dc=com