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July 2021
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You must install Teradata schema extensions in a directory before you can configure the directory to manage Teradata Vantage users. The schema extensions allow the directory to recognize the Teradata directory objects that must be added to the directory information tree as part of directory user provisioning.

When you install Teradata schema extensions on Active Directory, ADAM, or AD LDS, and then make associated directory configuration changes, you cannot undo the changes without re-initializing the directory server. Be sure that you fully understand the content of the schema extensions and the consequences of using them before proceeding.

Note also that Active Directory, ADAM, and AD LDS use a built-in replication feature. If your Vantage system is configured with multiple Active Directory, ADAM, or AD LDS directory servers, Teradata schema extensions and configurations on one directory server automatically replicate to all other directory servers in the domain or forest of domains. You cannot undo replicated changes without re-initializing all directory servers and reloading the entire forest of domains.