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Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine Security Administration

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July 2021
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Observe the following when you set up and administer security policy:
  • Use caution when you consider whether to include the WITH NULL PASSWORD option in a GRANT LOGON statement for a mainframe-based user.

    Although the Teradata Director Program security exit must validate a null password parameter in a particular logon string, Teradata Vantage itself cannot verify the username and password.

  • Never define SESSION POOLING to the Teradata Director Program (for mainframe access). Session pooling for mainframe users offers faster logons, but prevents Teradata Vantage from uniquely identifying and authenticating users.
  • Never use the GRANT WITH GRANT OPTION statement for databases, objects, and non-administrative users. Although this requires more work for administrators, it forces the administrative staff to be involved in all GRANT requests by non-owners.
  • Never alter privileges for user DBC. Doing so may cause installation, upgrade, maintenance, or archive procedures to end abnormally and consequently require help from the Teradata Support Center to correct the problem.