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July 2021
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The Common Criteria international security standard defines the most stringent requirements for the security administrator, and incorporates the requirements of the US National Computer Security Center (NCSC).

Teradata Vantage includes the necessary security features in the Advanced SQL Engine software to generally comply with the Trusted Database Interpretation (TDI) at the C2 level, but Teradata makes no claim that the release of Teradata Vantage described in this document has been evaluated at the C2 level or that it complies with the TDI.

Certified auditors evaluate each Teradata Vantage major release for conformance to the Common Criteria International Security Standard, ISO/IEC 15408. This standard provides a common set of requirements for the security functions of IT products and systems, and for the assurance measures that evaluators apply to them during a security evaluation. The evaluation process establishes a level of confidence that the security functions of a product or system meet these requirements.