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July 2021
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The GenerateCredentialFromLogon property tells TDGSS which part of the logon string to look in for user credential information. Some CLIv2-based third-party applications or scripts, such as a BTEQ script, do not allow use of the .logdata statement in a logon string. If GenerateCredentialFromLogon is set to yes, the gateway first looks in the .logdata statement for credential information. If it does not find a .logdata statement, the gateway uses the credential information found in the .logon statement.

GenerateCredentialFromLogon appears only in the TdgssLibraryConfigFile.xml, but it is fully functional and you do not need to add it to the TdgssUserConfigurationFile.xml.

Valid Settings

The only valid setting for this property is yes, the preset default value.

Editing Guidelines

Do not edit the value of the GenerateCredentialFromLogon property.