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July 2021
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This property identifies the LDAP service port.

Do not use LdapServerPort for new implementations of LDAP. This property is deprecated and is available only to support legacy configurations.

Default Property Value

TDGSS initially sets the value of this property to 389, the default LDAP service port, but the value is deprecated.

Valid Settings

This property is deprecated. The only valid setting is 0.

For legacy configurations that use LDAP authentication and specify an LdapServerPort:
  • Reset the value of LdapServerPort to zero.
    To minimize the number of database restarts (required to enable a configuration change), you can wait and include the reset of LdapServerPort with your next TDGSS configuration change.
  • Incorporate the required port designation into the URI form of LdapServerName. See LdapServerName.

Editing Guidelines

  • This property is deprecated. If you use LDAP authentication or authorization, specify the port designation as part of LdapServerName.
  • Edit this property on Teradata Vantage nodes.