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The value of the LdapServiceFQDN property is a distinguished name (DN) that identifies a bindable object in the directory, which represents the service or application that requires binding.

The LdapServiceFQDN property is usable for all mechanisms that support service binds.

You must configure LdapServiceFQDN and LdapServicePassword for:
  • All service binds, or the directory automatically uses an anonymous service bind. For an explanation of service binds and a list of features that require them, see Using Service Binds.
  • Service entries in the <LdapConfig> section of the TdgssUserConfigFile.xml, for example, when configuring multiple directory services for accessing a Teradata Vantage system.
If one of these conditions exists and you do not configure the LdapServiceFQDN property, the system defaults to binding anonymously, which may produce unwanted results, including bind failure.

Valid Settings

  • “” (default), which specifies an anonymous bind
  • The FQDN of a bindable directory object that represents the service or application identity.

Editing Guidelines

  • KRB5 and SPNEGO mechanisms must be edited if AuthorizationSupported is set to yes; otherwise do not edit.
  • LDAP may be edited (required for use of service binds).
  • To set a value, you must manually add this property to the TDGSS configuration file for needed mechanisms. See Editing Configuration Files.
  • Edit this property on database nodes and on the Unity server, if used.
  • You must uniquely identify each service account.
  • If you configure this property, you must also specify a value for the LdapServicePassword property.