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July 2021
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The LdapClientTlsCRLCheck property specifies how the authentication mechanism should use the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) of the CA to verify that the server certificates are not revoked. LDAP performs the checking authorized by this property on every bind.

Default Property Value

The default value of the LdapClientTlsCRLCheck property is none, meaning that the system performs no CRL checks.

Valid Settings

Setting Description
none Specified that LDAP performs no CRL checks
peer Specifies that LDAP checks the CRL of the server certificate
all Specifies that LDAP checks the CRLs of the entire certificate chain

Editing Guidelines

  • You must edit this property if you want to check CRLs. However, CRL checking is optional, based on site security policy.
  • To set a value, you must manually add this property to the TDGSS configuration file for the LDAP mechanism. See Editing Configuration Files.
  • Edit the value of the LdapClientTlsCRLCheck property only on Teradata Vantage nodes.
  • If you decide to use TLS protection, edit this property for all mechanisms that have the AuthorizationSupported property set to yes.
  • Edit this property on database nodes and on the Unity. For more information, see Coordinating Mechanism Property Values for Unity.