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July 2021
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All TDGSS mechanisms contain a group of properties that define mechanism function, based on the values of the properties.

Property values have the following characteristics.
  • All property values must appear in the TDGSS configuration files in double quotation marks, that is: property=“value
  • Many properties, such as MechanismEnabled, are common to all mechanisms. Others are only meaningful for some mechanisms.
  • All properties have a default value.
  • Many properties allow only a yes or no value to indicate whether or not the mechanism supports the property function.
  • For some properties, you do not need to edit the default property values. For others, the default values are hard coded and editing is not allowed.
  • Many editable properties carry a default value of “”, which may indicate that the property:
    • Has no value.
    • Defers to a default value stored in the system.
You may need to configure a value other than “” to enable certain security functions.

Be sure you fully understand the function of a property, before you consider changing the default property value.

For information about which mechanisms support each property, see Supporting Mechanisms.

For detailed guidelines on editing property values, see Editing Configuration Files.