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July 2021
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The certlink utility provides an automated method of creating symlinks based on certificate hashes. TDGSS software includes the certlink utility in:
  • On Teradata Vantage: /opt/teradata/tdgss/bin/certlink
  • On Unity: See Teradata® Unity™ Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers, B035-2523 for the recommended location on Unity servers.

To create symlinks based on certificate hashes using the certlink utility:

  1. From the site/ssl/cacerts directory that contains the two pem files, enter the following command to hash the files:
    certlink .
  2. The command produces output similar to:
    dlopldap:~ # certlink .
    dlopldap.pem => c5fc7afc.0
    YaST-CA.pem => 9a135280.0
    dlopldap:~ #
The example output shows that certlink created two symlink files:
  • c5fc7afc.0
  • 9a135280.0
These symlinks point to the .pem files:
  • dlopldap.pem
  • YaST-CA.pem

See Example: Certificate Chain for an example.